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Andrew Francis

Vice President, Environmental Engineering

Hello, my name is Andrew Francis, Vice President of Resilient Communities. I am currently working towards a degree in Environmental Engineering and a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Cincinnati. My studies have taught me the importance of synthesizing the two focus areas into one. Environmental Studies has taught me the problems that people face when their wastes are not managed properly, and Engineering has taught me strategies for solving some of these problems. I apply the lessons learned each day when deciding upon the best direction for Resilient Communities. I am very proud working to deliver sustainable community growth in places around the world. My current role as the vice president is to research and design systems that can turn waste into energy. I am focused on doing this with the power of microbiology. There is untapped potential in biological systems. I want Resilient Communities to be pioneers of this untapped potential to benefit communities in need. I hope that all who come across Resilient Communities will join and support us on our mission.

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