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Data Gathering and Research

Filling in the Gaps

Many of our projects involve studying new approaches and developing innovative ways to implement them. Since these projects are new concepts in their own contexts, they need proper data to support the proposals themselves. Creating a cyclical process of data gathering and implementation. We then evaluate our success in this field by gathering qualitative and quantitative data, and using that information to measure shifts and changes from our baseline measurements.

El Haouz Province Solid Waste Report

Upcoming Workshops

Morocco has had several environmental reports performed by partnerships between foreign organizations and the respective Moroccan Ministry. However, there lacks data on the local level that could influence more grass-root and local development.

Beginning with the El Haouz province, Resilient Communities will utilize their Fulbright research grant to perform educational workshops and data gathering in major cities around the province, including Tameslouht.

Tameslouht's Solid Waste Survey

As Eastman was nearing the end of his Peace Corps service with the waste-powered pottery kiln project being solidified, he needed to better understand the composition of trash being created in Tameslouht. He gained help from his partners to distribute 19 surveys along with 10-liter buckets to residents to catalogue their daily waste production. The data was extrapolated and helpful to the mechanical engineers in designing the kiln. It is also the basis for Eastman's Fulbright project proposal to expand upon.

Tameslouht's Pottery Questionnaire

In order to gain support from the potters and a better understanding of the current work conditions and firing processes of the kilns, Abderrahmane, Eastman, and others personally met with the potters and gave them a questionnaire. The results were gathered and averaged together to provide the parameters of the new kiln design. All of the potters interviewed were in support of the project.

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