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Intern Projects

We like to provide our interns with real-world projects that Resilient Communities and/or local partner associations need assistance developing - whether they are in the pipeline, need more research, ready for a proposal draft, or need funding! Our interns have directly contributed to Resilient Communities' mission of sustainable development in Morocco.

In addition to assisting us with project development, we assist our interns with designing and developing their own projects, gaining valuable skills along the way. At the same time, teaching them about development issues their project will be tackling in the Moroccan context, giving them a perspective on implementation methods and how they compare on an international level within their own home-countries.

Sam Katona

Fall 2022 Intern, Class of 2024

While Sam is living in Morocco, he will manage the RC website and all social media accounts. Sam will be creating new content for existing social media accounts to try and promote RC in an interesting and positive way. Along with this Sam will also be creating new social media accounts for RC on both Facebook and TikTok.  He will also create new content on both of these platforms as well.


Our Past Interns' Work

Ana Clevenger

Fall 2021 Intern

For her SPI, Ana worked on updating the Resilient Communities website as well as our social media. She also participated in weekly workshop meetings with the other interns.

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Sophie Weyn.JPG
Sophie Weyn

Fall 2021 Intern

For her PBI, Sophie worked on our Agoundis Valley Waste Management Project where she did research mostly focused on designing a laundry washing space that is able to control wastewater runoff and ways for the plastic waste to be reused. For her personal project, Sophie worked on workshops and a proposal for a Women's and Girl's Empowerment/Education Camp.

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Profile Pic_Aidan Perrone.jpg
Aidan Perrone

Class of 2025

Aidan managed social media content for the Instagram and Facebook pages of RC over the course of the semester that he was an intern for RC.

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Profile Pic_Jim Creamer.jpg
Jim Creamer

Spring 2022 Intern

During Jim's co-op with RC he continued a past intern’s project by designing a sustainable communal washing station for the village of Aguerda.

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Antoinette Lim Pic.jpeg
Antoinette Danica Lim

Summer & Fall 2021 Intern

During her Co-op, Antoinette assisted us with further research and development towards our Concept Note for the Green Climate Fund proposal. Her personal project entailed creating a business plan and establishing a foundation in her home country of the Philippines.

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Amelia Wills.JPG
Amelia Wills

Fall 2021 Intern

For Amelia's SPI, she created and facilitated virtual workshops created by Resilient Communities as well as those made by other interns. She also wrote articles about the workshops she facilitated and her experiences with them.

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Donna Tin Sun.jpg
Donna Tin Sun

Fall 2021 Intern

Donna was involved with discussing with her student exchange office and the drafting of a program proposal between Earlham College and Resilient Communities to become partners.

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Lauren Kirgis
Lauren Kirgis

Spring 2021 Intern

Lauren created a workshop for mindfulness and meditation; an important skill during a lockdown. 

She helped us further research solutions for reusing and mitigating olive oil wastewater. She put her findings into a project proposal that we hope to implement in the future. Lauren also assisted us in drafting the Concept Note for the Green Climate Fund.

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Profile Pic_Nouhayla Bouchane.jpg
Nouhaila Bouchane

Spring 2022 Intern

One of Nouhaila's projects with RC involved the establishment of a professional training and education facility for handicapped individuals in the city of Tiflet

Iriqat, Adi. Profile Picture.png
Adi Iriqat

Class of 2023

During his time with RC, Adi was a Fulbright graduate student pursuing Community Planning at the University of Cincinnati.  He was interested in social justice and planning.

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Blake Steiner
Blake Steiner & Matt Roy
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Summer 2020 Interns

Blake and Matt were RPCVs in Morocco from 2016 to 2018. During their internships, they teamed-up to create a "Health Workshop" targeted towards Moroccan youth.


They also helped write the project proposal for our waste-powered pottery kilns in Tameslouht, which are now ready to be funded.

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Arju Piya Pic.jpeg
Arju Piya

Summer 2021 Intern

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Arju fufilled her summer co-op requirement for the School of Planning at UC. She assisted us with developing workshop content and organizing a fundraising campaign to help build and equip a classroom for the women's cooperative in the local mosque. 

Sean Pic.jpeg
Sean Buckley

Fall 2020 Intern

Sean helped visualize our solid waste data for the Al Haouz province using GIS. He developed a workshop for designing and implementing a garden in your own community. Sean also assisted us with performing research for our Citizen Diplomacy Action Fund and Green Climate Fund proposals.

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?Need Help Developing a Project

Resilient Communities specialized in sustainable project design and development and believes that sharing resources are important for all civic-society organizations to better their communities.


If your organization wants to gain more skills on project design and management contact us about providing a workshop for your team! If you need assistance on beginning, or implementing your project, or anywhere in between, we can provide support through our interns and president!

Contact Eastman Johnson at to learn more about the requirements needed for submitting your own project proposal.

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