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Awards and Recognitions

Before Resilient Communities came into existence it was a concept striven for by Eastman since his fourth year in undergraduate school. After entering the Peace Corps' Master's International Program, he kept this vision with every encounter made and every project's success and failure. Creating a network of motivated and passionate individuals that shared his vision. After an accumulation of 11 years of patient hard work and dedication, recognition began to come back to him. Supporting him to finally create his passions into a potential career through Resilient Communities, and this is only the beginning...

2018-2019 Fulbright U.S. Student Program

While writing his thesis, Eastman applied for the Fulbright U.S. Student Program in Morocco. He was awarded with a research grant and a language award, which he will study 6 months of Classical Arabic and carry out data gathering workshops for the final 9 months until December of 2019. The U.S. Student Program is available to recent graduates interested in either teaching or performing research. In Morocco, it is organized by the Moroccan-American Commission for Cultural and Education Exchange.


2018 Graduate Student Expo

In 2018, Eastman set-up and presented his thesis project display at the Graduate Student Poster Expo where the display won 1st place for Arts & Humanities.

2018 Elevator Pitch Competition - 2nd Place

The University of Cincinnati's College of Business hosts an annual Elevator Pitch Competition, in which entrepreneurs set up a display and pitch their business ideas or projects to passing judges for a chance to win grant money to launch their ideas. Eastman set up a display showing the pottery kiln project and proposed sewage plant project that was still being developed under the name of Resilient Communities. We were competing against other non-profit ventures and although we received praise on the projects and time invested in Morocco, Resilient Communities ultimately placed 2nd.