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Resilient Communities' Project Areas

RC's objectives revolve around the three-prongs of sustainable development: collaborative projects & programs (economic/environmental/social), training & development (social), and hosting community engagement activities for exchange programs (socio-cultural).

If you are interested in learning more about our projects, how you or your association can partner with us, and/or how you can support our mission, feel free to contact us at!

Since 2016, Resilient Communities has teamed up with the University of Cincinnati’s College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (UC CEAS) by establishing capstone projects for their senior engineering students. With our guidance, the student teams perform research and develop designs for our project ideas. These reports created by the students help us begin the conversation with organizations and government agencies about implementation strategies.

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We believe that social development is the cornerstone of building stronger communities for the future. An educated and empowered public has the potential to set in motion anything they can dream of. Except, what people are often lacking are leaders to show them the way and resources to help get them started.


Resilient Communities, alongside our amazing partner associations, help empower communities by offering seminars, workshops, and trainings for youth and local associations.

Resilient Communities offers multiple community activities with local associations and organizations in Tameslouht for exchange student groups in Morocco such as AMIDEAST, Center for Language and Culture in Marrakech, and Morocco Exchange.


Activities have taken place with local associations at the Youth Center and the well-known Fiers et Forts Centre. Within the community, we offer students to visit a local family and eat a home cooked meal with them. Then we take to the streets by placing, planting, and painting pots with our engaging the “Zwin-Up” activity!

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