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Peace Corps Projects

RC's President, Eastman Johnson, served with the U.S. Peace Corps from 2014-2016 in Morocco as a Youth Development volunteer in Tameslouht, Morocco. He taught English in the youth center, artisan center, and high school. Eastman also took on secondary environmental projects. His service helped lay the foundation for RC.


At the same time, he pursued his Masters in Community Planning with the University of Cincinnati through a  joint-program with the Peace Corps called Master’s International. His waste-powered pottery kiln thesis project has set in motion a series of collaborative capstone projects with the University of Cincinnati's Department of Engineering.​

Mowarid Neighborhood Park and Mural

The mural was designed by Eastman's PCV sitemate, Catherine Hansen, in 2014. The playground was funded and designed by Eastman in 2016 and was built a year later. The playground is the first in Tameslouht and has acted as an inspiration for what local associations can do to create public spaces in their neighborhoods.

Trash Can Design

In 2015, Tameslouht did not have public trash cans. So, Abderrahmane and I designed a trash can that was compatible with the donkey hauled carts that were used to collect waste at the time. The initial plan was to place it at the bus stop in the center of town but while waiting for it to be built, the town bought 16 similarly designed trash cans and placed them there first


Neighborhood Trash Pick-Ups

Tameslouht and other Moroccan towns often have litter as a common sight. Catherine and Eastman carried out several trash pick-up activities around town. Kids would always approach us to help, turning it into a fun activity and also raising awareness.

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