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Training & Development

Resilient Communities believes that social development is the cornerstone of building stronger communities for the future. An educated and empowered public has the potential to set in motion anything they can dream of. Often, youth need mentors to guide them and resources to help get them started. Resilient Communities, alongside our amazing partner associations, help empower communities by offering seminars, workshops, and trainings for youth and local associations.

Our Workshop Packages are offered in-person or virtually and in English, French, or Moroccan Arabic (Darija). Materials we provide are Facilitator and Participant Manuals, and Presentation Slides.

If your association or organization is interested in participating in one of our workshops or would like to collaborate on a workshop, please contact us at

We believe that capacity-building is important to empower individuals to be able to have the skills and resources to instigate change in their communities. This is why Resilient Communities has been focusing on providing certificate workshops to show students and young associations creative and critical thinking, and how to create, manage, and implement their own projects.

We've implemented our PDM workshop with partners in Tiflet, Sidi Sliman, Ait Daoud, Marrakech, Tameslouht, and virtually.

In general, women take fewer risks than men. This results in fewer opportunities for women and contributes to overall gender inequality. This workshop challenges participants to think about why women may take fewer risks and provides resources encouraging women to take more of them. In the workshop’s final phase, participants gain practice and confidence taking risks in scenarios they’re likely to face in their working lives.

Sample: Participant's Manual

The practice of meditation allows us to observe our thoughts as they come and go without judgement. Through consistent practice, one can gain a better sense of self and a healthier perspective of mind. This workshop teaches participants about different types of meditation and allows participants to practice with a 10 minute guided meditation at the end. Additionally, participants are provided with resources to explore further.


Sample: Participant's Manual 

Sustainability is often thought of in terms of the environment, but this workshop facilitates a discussion about sustainability beyond environmental sustainability. It lays out a checklist that organizations can use to ensure the impacts of their projects last long after their direct interference with it. Participants are able to evaluate their own projects and come up with ways to improve them so that they are able to create a more lasting impact.

Sample: Participant's Manual

As the saying goes, first impressions are everything. In this workshop, participants learn about the importance of first impressions when it comes to networking and expanding projects. An essential part of the first impression is the elevator pitch, or what you tell potential partners and investors to give them a clear and concise explanation of your project as well as inspire them to work with you. Participants get practice in creating many types of elevator pitches, including ones for social media. Participants also practice these pitches and are provided with additional resources at the end. 

Sample: Participant's Manual

Representing all the voices in a community is an essential part to positive and successful community development. This workshop discusses participatory approaches to community development, or how community development projects can be more inclusive throughout their design and creation.  Participants in this workshop will look at several community development scenarios and discuss whether they are participatory, and how they can improve them to better represent the community. Participants will also take projects that they've worked on and examine whether or not they used participatory approaches.

Sample: Participant's Manual

A key part of ensuring that a project is successful is having a team that works well together. Having a skilled facilitator that engages with all group members and encourages everyone is an important part of that. This workshop discusses tips on group management and being a facilitator while working on a project. It talks about characteristics of a good facilitator, how to deal with difficult participants, and more. Participants have the chance to practice the skills discussed through the activity at the end. This workshop is useful to anyone in a leadership position or anyone who is interested in creating a better group dynamic within their project or organization.

Sample: Participant's Manual

The Business Model Canvas is a business tool used to visualize all the components needed to start a business, including customers, route to market, value proposition, and finance. This workshop discusses the business model canvas and shows participants how to apply it to their own businesses and organizations. Participants discuss what it is and apply it to several businesses to discuss whether or not this model would be useful for that businesses. The workshop allows participants to look at their business in a new way, sparking creativity and new ideas. 

Sample: Participant's Manual

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